Urine Container 60 ml (2 oz.)

Made from high quality food grade plastic, make our Urine Container unique. Body and cap designed in such a way to match the characteristics of materials which is resulting products that are Durable, Tamper-proof and Leak-proof.

Our urine container is made with High Clarity Polypropylene (PP), ensuring the precision and accuracy of specimen testing. Flexibility and ductile characteristic from the PP itself made our urine container hard to break, ensuring there is no spilled specimen when falling off.

This product also features Double Screw both on the cap and the bottle body. This Double Screw design is also came with Built-In Seal on its cap, ensures that there will be no leak. This double screw feature is also help user to cap on the urine container with ease.

Premium Grade Slimming Black Tea

Obesity is one of major health problems today. It can cause health problems such as heart problems, cholesterol, body odor, and lots more. Slim and proportional body is the desire of everyone. You can wear your favorite clothes, more confidence and energetic so that you can be free expressing yourself.

TEAVIA slimming tea is made from natural ingredients of the highest quality Indonesian Black Tea which is strong in its flavor and have so much benefit for oral health, lowering risk of heart problems, prevent risk of cancer, developing healthy bones, lowering risk of diabetes, improving immune system increasing vitality, and relieving stress.

Guazuma ulmofilia is well known as natural herbal plants with so many benefits. This herb is proven for losing weight and controlling healthy cholesterol level.

TEAVIA traditionally made of ingredients 100% natural herbs with secret formulation which have passed the laboratory test so it is safe because it does not cause negative side effects on health. TEAVIA production is done traditionally in a sterile and modern technology.

About Us

Starting as trading company in 2008, we are a fast growing and developing company which is engaged in medical equipment and healthcare products. Our aim is to give new color in the world of health. We are currently supplying our products and providing services to clinical laboratories and hospitals in major cities across Indonesia.

Various breakthroughs, both done and still been doing, is expected to give a new breath of fresh air in the world of health. So that we can provide good quality products along with competitive price.

For that purpose, we are now expanding our business line by manufacturing our own products, specializing in plastic medical supplies and herbal healthcare products, which is strongly supported by our government. And also we are now exporting our high quality medical supplies and healthcare products overseas.

We hope we could serve and satisfy your need in medical supplies and healthcare products.

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